SC Tobacco Collaborative
BREATHE Coalition
Greenville Family Partnership
Americans for Nonsmokers Rights - South Carolina
SCDHEC: Tobacco Prevention and Control

United States

Tobacco Control Legal Consortium
Americans for Nonsmoker's Rights
University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention
Kids Involuntarily Inhaling Secondhand Smoke (KISS)
The video describes the health and economic benefits of smoke free resaurants and bars (KISS)
An Information Guide on Second Hand Smoke

Other Organizations

Action on Smoking and Health
American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
American Lung Association
Tobacco Free Arizona
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
CDC Office on Smoking and Health
National Cancer Institute
Tobacco Litigation Information
The Truth
Ontario Tobacco Research Unit
Mesothelioma Guide
Mesothelioma Group

Other Interesting Information

Cigarettes, the FDA, and the battle over graphic labeling


Smoke Free Housing

The Smoker Next Door
Cost Differences to Rehabilitate Units
Thirdhand Smoke in Apartments and Condos: Recommendations for Landlords and Property Managers
Advice for Enforcing a Smokefree Housing Policy
Secondhand Smoke: The Science Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Children
Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing

Other Research

A report of the Surgeion General: How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease: The Biology and Behavioral Basis for Smoking Attributable Disease
EPA: Setting the Record Straight
Patron Surveys and Consumer Behavior
Business Costs in Smoke-Filled Environments
Economic Impact of Smokefree Ordinances: An Overview
Summary of studies assesing the economic impact of Smokefree policies in the hospitality industry

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Call or Text us at: 843-588-5087
Fax: 843-797-8638